1. Our view right now…New York New York

  2. And now…Mamouns!!! Basically the best shawarma in the US, with Obees in Austin at a close second!

  3. Lure

  4. Earlier today from Lure

  5. First stop, @LureFishBar…
    Food pics coming:-)

  6. Just a little 3-Day date in NY with this hottie, DOES NOT SUCK…
    And you know more pics to come…

  7. TONIGHT!!!!! 7:30, Austin Ridge, bee caves/Curenivaca, or on line here: https://www.stageit.com/unplugged_the_candlelight_series/healing/38600

  8. SET for UNPLUGGED rehearsal, hope you can make it tomorrow, 7:30pm, in person at Austin Ridge, or online at https://www.stageit.com/unplugged_the_candlelight_series/healing/38600

  9. Just a reminder we moved Unplugged to this Tues the 22nd, hope you can join us…very special night indeed:-)

  10. GOD IS LOVE LOVE LOVE! #HappyWeekEveryone