1. Roasted San Marzano soup, gruyere cheese bread… #justaquickpost

  2. Back to my cave for a few more days, see you soon peeps…

  3. Hey peeps, I’m taking a little social media break for a week, if you need me, email/text/call me! Blessings…

  4. Sweet potato/Squash soup with roasted corn and fresh cilantro. Cast Iron chicken taco with chard onion and fresh tomatillo. Spicy carne molida taco w/fresh corn, cabbage, and sour cream.
    Iced coffee with Horchata (rice milk, cinnamon, sugar)…

  5. Nashville tacos…stand by

  6. Ok NOW I’m interested. The whole smart watch deal was bunk in my opinion because I like my watch BUT a “iBracelet” for my other wrist,…YESSSS!!!!! #PleaseBeTrue

  8. JAMMIN… @SoulShine

  9. Simple Shrimp and Grits… @BoundryNash #Amazing!

  10. Here we go, @Boundry #NashVegas!