1. Lots of great music in this picture, sending @edkowalczyk at @caffemedici

  2. Work break…#Clarksoysterbar lobster roll & crab&cheese pasta shells..#ILoveMakingRecords

  3. Yah buddy, stoked to work with Ed here at Cornerstone doing some fun jams, stay tuned folks…NOT GONNA SUCK… #ThrowingCopper

  4. The closest thing to Paris France in Austin is #LeCafeCrepe on 2nd and San Jacinto! The owners are beautiful people from France, and the crepes remind me of my fondest memories walking the streets of Paris!

  5. Soooo, Whats your most memorable UNPLUGGED moment … … ???
    Mine: The first time we did Unplugged in the streets if Austin for our homeless family. It was down at 7th & Nueces, and I couldn’t help but smile inside and out as we all sang old gospel hymnals with everyone…

  6. Hot buttered bullet & a stogie…

  7. Hot buttered bullet & a stogie…

  8. CuvĂ©e, local farm fresh butter, sea salt, cayenne, brown sugar, cinnamon…lets call it…??? #NameSugestionsPlease

  9. UNPLUGGED!!! Join us again, Sept. 23rd, Tues evening at 7:30pm…Gospel music/story/film/community, unity for the City. We will feature and celebrate Austin ministry ABBA! Mark your cal, tell someone, text someone, email someone, and message someone…ALL are welcome in person or online!

  10. Little bolognese to drive a migraine away:-)