1. UNPLUGGED, this coming Tues, 7:30pm, in person or online, hope you join us!
    Gospel Music/Story/Film/Community/Encouragement/Life. www.Rev1211.org

  2. A penny for your thoughts son…

  3. Last one I promise

  4. Broke my jar:-(

  5. Because we can…

  6. My drum kit tonight for the @edkowalczyk jams… If I can reach it, I can hit it:-)

  7. Roasted garlic Alfredo w/Parpadelle, sweet Italian peppers, & love…

  8. Lots of great music in this picture, sending @edkowalczyk at @caffemedici

  9. Work break…#Clarksoysterbar lobster roll & crab&cheese pasta shells..#ILoveMakingRecords

  10. Yah buddy, stoked to work with Ed here at Cornerstone doing some fun jams, stay tuned folks…NOT GONNA SUCK… #ThrowingCopper