1. Leftovers, revisited!

  2. Trottole w/sausage fennel red sauce, chili crisped breadcrumbs, and aged Parm… #Blessed

  3. Backyard view tonight, that’s the moon in the corner…#Blessed

  4. "Have you come here for forgiveness

    Have you come to raise the dead

    Have you come here to play Jesus

    To the lepers in your head”
    U2 “One”
    Unplugged, stage is set for rehearsal tonight, don’t miss the service tomorrow at 7:30!

  5. So tonight victor:Blue cheese, Turkish figs, buffalo mozzarella, Asian pears, olive oil sauce, with White Truffle oil and cold arugula

  6. Pizza Sundays kicking off in 15 mins at the Antoun Pad! Text if you want to come by:-)

  7. Unplugged: The Candlelight Series “LOVE & UNITY” is just two days away! Join us for GOSPEL MUSIC-STORY-COMMUNITY…LOVE&UNITY!!! To RSVP for child care, email JoinRev1211@gmail.com by Monday at 5 p.m.

    If you can’t join us in person, LIVE STREAM the event here: www.stageit.com/unplugged_the_candlelight_series/love_unity/39611

  8. City Hall

  9. Fredericton, Canada…beautiful

  10. Lobster rolls on the deck, so great! #Canada