2. Voila!!!

  3. Armoniche boiling 8 mins, gotta b aldente…all this while Louis Armstrong is playing in the background

  4. Sliced ciabatta, cayenne, olive oil, grated aged Gouda. Crisp them up, then grate them to make bread crumbs

  5. Meanwhile the egg coloring for Jesus has begin:-)

  6. Making something new: Sausage Armoniche’ ! Fresh ground sausage, chopped fennel bulb, rosemary, San Marzano’s, White Viognier, Stay tuned…

  9. So beautiful to me that over 12 big churches come together for a collaboration Good Friday Service!
    It’s as Jesus would have so loved!
    Loving my Austin Family!

  10. So calm, and to think we are rocking out at a 1000 decibels!!!